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The tool used by over 1500 touristic structures

You have a lot of touristic itineraries (hikes, walks, routes) in your database? You have touristic guides in PDF format or not electronic format and you are looking for a tool to share them rapidly on a large network?

Withthe ITINERARY tool, create, import and manage directly from the CIRKWI network an unlimited number of touristic routes.

L’outil est testé et approuvé par plus de 1500 structures professionnelles en France et en Belgique, dont IGN Rando qui l’utilise pour la création et la gestion de ses circuits de randonnées !

Reach a community of over 6 millions web users !

In constant progress for the last 8 years and regularly updated with new features, the Itinerary tool will meet your needs and will enable you to create the most useful touristic routes. This tool is also compatible with the app and the flows, which will help you save time and increase efficiency when managing your data.

Share your itineraries on the CIRKWI network, promote your region, improve its attractiveness and touchez une communauté de 6 millions d’internautes annuels avec 12 millions de vues.

Would you rather keep your routes private? This is entirely your choice, and you can choose that option by restraining the visibility.

Over 800 websites display
their routes to their audience, including :

Itinerary : a simple and powerful tool !

Use your own routes

Import, create and edit your touristic routes on foot, bike, horseback, by car or motorcycle... for any destination in the world !

Increase your visibility

Boost your visibility by publishing your itineraries on our network, searchable by no less than 5 million of users yearly. Or control your visibility by limiting the access.

Easy-to-use interface

You have a lot of touristic content? Connect your data flow, import your files (photos, audios, videos...) and synchronize your data. This tool is ergonomic and navigation is simplified.

Automatic PDF guides

Don't waste your time updating your travel guides. The PDF files are automatically created and updated with Cirkwi.

Comprehensive & professional

Every function you need to create the best routes, like automatic, semi-automatic, manual, reversed tracing and so much more.

Use your own POI

Use your own points of interest or take advantage of 3 000 000 touristic locations from our tool, to create your touristic routes anywhere in the world.


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