Preset tools to answer all your needs. We recommend this setup version if you are in a hurry and/or aren't really tech-savvy.
Check it out !
Fully customizable tools to answer all your needs. This setup version is for those who wish to go further in customization and are a little tech-savvy. Enjoy !
The tourism template includes a search engine and its respective consultation pages. It is available by default in both the Easy and the Advanced Mode. You can fully customize it in the latter. For on-demand customization, contact our team.
SEO data feed
Use both the Easy and Advanced mode to parameter your data feed and contact our team to get your own URL and access codes. The data feed is linked with the CONSULTATION Module.
The Consultation Page, where users get full detailed information on the itineraries or points of interest, is available in the Easy Mode and fully customizable in the Advanced mode. The functionality is added in the integration code a the end of your setup. Check out the tutorial, it's really easy !
The MAP template is available in Advanced Mode and is fully customizable. If you have a specific need, let us know and we will make it happen. Simply contact our team.
The printable PDF files are automatically generated and available on every consultation page. For any specific need or graphic customization, contact our team.
All modules are in responsive design and integrate smoothly in any mobile version site or Web-app.
Developed within a common application engine, our apps are fully operational and customizable as you see fit. You can manage your app from the Advanced Mode to filter content and edit specific functionalities. To find out more, contact our team.