Improve your customers'
experience while
saving time.

by regrouping everything in one place :
your website, your welcome guide,
all your recommendations,…

To respect the barrier gestures

Avoid paper waste and provide a better service. The QR-code in your guide is the solution.

Stop wasting your time!

“What restaurant do you recommend ? What time should we leave ?” Easily inform your customers.

You have (almost) nothing to do 😉

Generate your guide and receive your QR-Code stickers to be used by your customers within 6 days.

The Welcome Guide will guide your customers much better than you!

With more than 20.000 users per day, Cirkwi offers an exceptional travel experience. Try it out!

You have a Welcome Guide ? Integrate it on your interface in a few clicks.

Check in/check out times, breakfast info,… You already have everything on your website or your welcome guide ? Fill in the URL to get everything in one place.

The QR Code is THE solution to help your customers easily and without interruptions.

Offer your information and recommendations 24 hours a day. Display the QR-code at the reception, on the breakfast table and in the rooms.

Update your guides instantly for all your customers.

Without changing or reprinting your QR-code, change or update your guides as many times as you like.

Activate your WELCOME GUIDE

Sign up for the first year and we’ll give you the high quality sticker pack for :

– Doors and lobby
– Key rings and magnetic cards
– Rooms, common areas, …

For only

15$ /month

180$ /year, without obligation