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Intégrez gratuitement et en quelques clics toutes vos balades, randonnées
et routes touristiques sur votre site grâce à un Widget Itinéraires.

Des Widgets Itinéraires déjà intégrés dans plus de 800 sites !

The integration of all your hiking trails and touristic routes as well as the regular updates of the data on your website is very time consuming and can get very expensive. 

CIRKWI met à votre disposition l’outil Widget Itinéraires gratuitement (version Pro très abordable), complet et totalement personnalisable, qui prend en compte tous les types d’itinéraires family trips to the beach, motorcycle touristic routes, hiking trails... The CIRKWI tool is updated weekly,and has all the classic and advanced features you need on a daily basis. 

You are looking for a specific graphic design? Cirkwi provides custom made widgets, which will perfectly meet your needs.

More flexibility thanks to the CIRKWI tool

Créez rapidement votre widget itinéraires et personnalisez le graphisme afin de l’adapter parfaitement à votre site. Les widgets sont responsive, ce qui signifie qu’ils s’adaptent à tous les supports utilisés par les internautes (ordinateurs, smartphones, tablettes). 

Once integrated with PHP, the content of your widget will be totally integrated into your website and therefore compatible with your SEO.

In simplified mode, if you want to save time and you don't necessarily have the right skills to create an advanced widget yet.

In advanced mode, if you feel more comfortable and wish to create a widget with specific features meeting your needs. 

The widget tool

Easy integration

The widget is created in few minutes, or more depending on your needs and your requirements! It can be integrated in any website in PHP, Javascript or an other code.

100% Responsive

The integrated widgets are perfectly adapted to any support. Users will be able to access your itineraries on your website from a computer, a smartphone or a tablet without any distorsion of the display.

Ergonomic interface

List and map display, geo-tracking, results filtering, dynamic search engine, etc... All the required features to create your widget !

SEO Friendly

Compatible with your SEO : once you integrated your widget with PHP, the content is fully integrated into your website and thus, your Search Engine Optimization.

Fully customizable

Choose to display or not display your list, your map... the information you want to share on your website...
Your widget is entirely customizable.

View the statistics

Once integrated with PHP, statistics will automatically be available in your analytics for you to monitor your impact on the web !


Create your widget in just a few clicks and integrate it easily in your web pages.


Customize your widgets, your content and your integration with all options.

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