A complete and detailed page describing a point of interest, a leisure activity an activity or a tourism itinerary.
This module improves your user's experience by displaying tourism activities automatically laid out and with rich multimedia content. From tourism itineraries, to points of interest and sporting and leisure activities, each consultation page may contain a geolocated map, texts, pictures, videos, mp3 files and all the needed functions to exploit these activities. Fully customizable, the consultation page adapts perfectly to any website, from the simple to the more complex ones.
Tourism itineraries and routes
This page is perfectly adapted to display and consult any type of tourist itinerary: a family stroll, an intense trekking sessions, a wine-tasting itinerary or a sight-seeing walk. The consultation page contains several elements to promote a given activity on your website (text description, pictures, videos,...), as well as all the necessary tools for your users to exploit the information (display of the route and its geolocated elements on the map, detailed list of the points of interest and checkpoints, and so forth). The itinerary can be printed on PDF format and extracted in GPX format to import it to your GPS device and/or smartphone. You can also view it via the Cirkwi mobile app (IOS & Android), which works in offline mode.
  •     Strolls, hikes and tourism itineraries

  •     Content: maps, texts and multimedia

  •     Points of interest and checkpoints linked to itineraries

  •     Full screen mode

  •     Slideshow view

  •     Several background maps available

  •     Fully customizable design and layout

  •     Responsive

  •     Print and download functionality

  •     Download to app

  •     PHP or Javascript integration

  •     Mobile compatible

Places and points of interest
This page enables you to display the details of any free and geolocated tourism activity: tourism points of interest, events, lodging, services and businesses and so forth. Each consultation page contains elements allowing you to enrich your webpage's content: descriptions, pictures, videos and audio files. The geolocated interactive map allows your customers to easily locate any displayed activity. The smartphone consultation function enables them to consult the activity directly from their smartphone.
  •     Tourism points of interest

  •     Shops and Services

  •     Content: maps, descriptions, multimedia

  •     Customizable design and layout

  •     Slideshow view

  •     Full screen mode

  •     Linked itineraries to points of interest

  •     Full screen-mode

  •     Several background maps available

  •     Print and download options

  •     Download to app

  •     PHP or Javascript integration

  •     Mobile compatible

Paying activities
Within the consultation page of a paying activity, users can consult and activity in detail and directly book: windsurfing lessons, boat rental, guided tours, theater play, zoo tickets... Each page contains the details of the offer: description, location, price, pictures and videos. The geolocated map allows internet users to locate the activity. The smartphone consultation functionality enables them to access the activity directly from their phone.
A specific button allows your customers to book the activity directly from the module. For each activity sold on your website, you get a commission on the selling price.
  •     All paying tourist activity

  •     Description texts and multimedia

  •     Booking button

  •     Affiliation program

  •     Slideshow

  •     Geolocated map

  •     Easy navigation

  •     Responsive

  •     PHP or JavaScript code

  •     Mobile compatible

They use it...
From big hotel chains to smaller properties


The biggest francophone tourism guide complements its online pages with tourism itineraries in the different regions of France.


One of the major camping chains in France uses the Cirkwi module to complete its properties webpages.


A simple guesthouse values its lodging and surroundings by displaying all sorts of activities nearby

How does it work ?
Easy or Advanced Mode

Choose your data

Create your own data or choose from millions of available data from our data base

Design customization

All modules are responsive and adapt to any website and device

Integrate on your website

Copy and Paste the code on your page. JavaScript works for all, PHP is for the more advanced ones out there

Cirkwi's solutions
Data feeds, modules and applications

SEO Feed

Unique texts to describe a destination or a tourism object that search engines will love.

MAP Module

Create and customize tourism maps to enrich your website’s content.


A detailed page of each of the tourism objects with pictures, descriptions, schedules, sharing and download options …


A complete search engine including a map, a list and advanced research options.

Printable PDF Guides

Our printable PDF guides are generated automatically and their design and layout are fully customizable.

Responsive & Web-App

All modules are responsive and adapt to any website and device.

Mobile Apps

The dedicated IOS/Android apps enable your customers to download and consult the content in offline mode.

Extraordinary Pojects

Cirkwi works with public and private entities on local, national and international projects.