The WIM Charter

First global touristic search engine, World is Mine (« WIM ») is the innovative project developed, and just made available to the public by Cirkwi. It indexes millions of web pages about touristic activities and points of interest useful for travelers and tourism professionals.

Like all search engines, WIM automatically collectsthrough algorithms, information made available on different websites about specific touristic points of interest and activities in order to organize, rank and display links to these web pages. This grants web users an immediate access to web pages relevant to their research.

As a search engine, the very purpose of WIM is to send traffic, as carefully preselected as possible, to the most relevant pages of indexed websites via its algorithms and through clearly identified hyperlinks.

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You can't seem find your website on WIM ? Don't waste your time and send us your domain name via the form below. The WIM will prioritize your website and index it automatically in a few weeks.

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Committed and innovative player in the tourism sector and the digital world, Cirkwi takes very seriously copyrights issues of indexed websites on the WIM. Besides the possibility for websites to forbid indexation by adding the name of the robot « Cirkwi-search/1.0 » in their « robot.txt » file, we implemented an easy opposition procedure for websites which no longer want to be listed on WIM. Just send a request to the following email address :