How does it work ?
From hotel chains to small lodgings and even public entities, Cirkwi was designed to answer everyone's needs. You're in a hurry? We'll make it simple, fast and look good. You're demanding? We've got all the functionalities that answer your needs.
#1 Choose your data
Millions of available data
More than 3 000 public and professional tourism authors share over 250 000 points of interests (museums, monuments, ...) and 16 000 tourism itineraries (by foot, by horse, by car, by bike...) with us !
Enter your location and perimeter and our system will automatically offer a complete list of available activities. Select those your are interested in and create an online personalized tourism guide for your clients.
Use your own tourism information
You and your partners own tourism data? Cirkwi enables you to create your points of interest or tourism itineraries of the creation tool used by thousand of institutional and private entities. Cirkwi also makes it easy for you to connect an existing data base to sync it regularly to keep it updated.
#2 Choose your format
Different templates for different needs
Cirkwi offers different types of templates for you to work with: Simple map, Full List, Map and List display, Unique data feed, web apps, mobile apps, consultation page... Templates can be used independently or complementary in order to adapt your page's display.
Customize the design
Each template comes with customization options to smoothly adapt its colors, layout and different options to your current website.
Cirkwi developed tools to allow you to go much further and make the best use of all its available data: an API to connect your website's search engine to our module, to apply your own CSS and much more.
#3 Integrate on your website
Integrating a module is just as easy as integrating a YouTube video on your website. All you have to do is copy and paste the piece of code unto wherever page you wish to have it displayed on your website. JavaScript works for all, and PHP is for the more advanced ones out there.
In Javascript
• integrates directly unto the text via your website's adminstration
• fast and performing display
• page display is even faster than in JavaScript
• better referencing on search engines
• requires a bit of knowledge to integrate the code in the webpage
In iFrame ?!
You're not going to tell us you would integrate such a beautiful tehcnology in iFrame right? IFrame makes the content illegible on search engines and the integration less reactive to the browser. If you're really not demanding in life, go with iFrame !